The Best Shattered Backboard Dunk of All Time Part 1 with Dan Devine, @DUNKCOMP, and David Astramskas

Legends of the industry, Dan Devine, Paul Vido, and David Astramskas join the pod as the first-ever First Ballot Hall of Fame voting committee panel to determine and induct the greatest shattered backboard dunk into the First Ballot Hall of Fame. In part one of the first ever two-part episode, the panel breaks down Jerome Lane's thunderous dunk at Pittsburgh and Michael Jordan's legendary 1985 dunk in Trieste, Italy. Timecodes: (6:26) Why broken backboards are so special (11:29) There is almost no comparison to a shattered backboard (15:33) David has broken a backboard (17:57) Dan's submission: Jerome Lane, 1/25/88, Pitt vs. Providence (30:30) Jerome never got a piece of that glass (31:03) Jerome's glass set in an antique golden ring: the best gift ever! (34:13) Sports trivia: where did Jerome go to high school? (36:30) Paul's submission: 1985, Michael Jordan in Trieste (44:02) Neil's Conspiracy Theory (45:22) Was Shaq tearing down the backboard staged? (46:43) Trying to stop Jordan in an exhibition game (53:05) Jordan's grainy footage is like "listening to vinyl" (54:58) The beauty of low quality footage

A preview of Part 2:

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