The Paul Pierce Wheelchair with Osman Noor and Michael Torpey

We may never know what truly happened to Paul Pierce when he came crumbling down in Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals but we can speculate. Here to discuss Paul's exit in a wheelchair, his return 10 minutes later, and the mystery of whether he actually pooped his pants is producer, writer, and director Osman Noor and multiple time guest and co-host Michael Torpey. 

Showtime Codes:
(7:30) How Charlie Sheen inadvertently helped Torpey's career 
(10:26) The etymology of the word dipshit
(15:50) Weird Hollywood moments 
(28:45) The Bubble Gut Scenario
(34:45) Is it wrong to root when athletes get injured?
(36:10) A win is a win
(49:57) The absurdity of calling for a wheelchair 
(55:00) Paul Pierce's Confession
(01:07:44) Was Oral Roberts back there? 
(01:14:26) You mad: Torpey might be
(01:21:23) Paul "Poo" Pierce Video Evidence 
(01:24:40) Favorite late night bits 

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