Michael Jordan's Shrug with Trill Withers

In game one of the 1992 finals, Michael Jordan put together one of the greatest 3-point shooting performances of his career and hit the most iconic shrug of all time. NBA Twitter Legend and host of the Trill Withers Show, Trill Withers re-joins the pod to discuss if MJ's shrug is worthy of the First Ballot Hall of Fame, the conspiracy behind NBA fines, and the beauty of 90s era basketball. 

(05:48) Stromile Swift Dunk on Tyrus Thomas
(09:15) Working with Rasheed Wallace
(10:33) The Conspiracy of NBA Fines
(15:09) Shrugging in Sports
(18:15) The presentation of 90s Basketball
(29:40) "You remember the shrug though" 
(33:55) A KD Green-light
(48:09) "I took offense to that" -MJ
(57:14) The authenticity of the shrug
(58:10) Ahmad Rashad the GOAT of sideline reporting
(01:01:00) George Koehler's life-changing phone call
(01:02:53) MJ's McDonald's Order
(01:04:13) The James Jordan Ad Read
(01:10:25) Trill's Favorite 90s TV Show

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