Above the Rim

Can you recall your favorite sports movie of all time? (No, the Karate Kid doesn't count, stop it.) Well one of our favorites, an underrated and forgotten gem, is Above The Rim. A 1994 classic that may very well have the best basketball played in a sports film ever. But is it good enough to be the first sports movie ever inducted into the First Ballot HOF? A special guest joins to help us make the call on our season finale.

3:30 Why talk about Above The Rim?
4:45 Your memory is like Mary Lou Henner
6:50 Are you certain this movie is good?
10:00 Top movies that came out in 1994
18:00 This movie could never be made today
24:30 RIP Nutso
29:35 “And thats WITHOUT baby oil”
35:00 The great sports movies
44:50 Eric Nies joins the pod!
56:30 Dunking in front of Pamela Anderson
58:35 Strength Shoes!!
01:04:31 Re-using basketball highlights
01:06:15 This movie is about family
01:13:00 Airing out a brotherly grievance
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