Magic Johnson’s Comeback with Nate Jones

No one thought that Magic Johnson was coming back after his announcement that he was retiring in 1991. When he returned in 1996 to play 32 Games for the Lakers, it was legendary. Determining whether this comeback is First Ballot worthy is NBA Agent and Marketer at Goodwin and Co-Founder of Move Insoles Nate Jones, who also takes time to talk about what it could have been like to watch Shaq play Magic (01:08:16), unknown facts about Dame (11:33), and his favorite players turned media personalities (01:17:07). Plus, his electric impression of wrestler Randy Savage (01:17:50). 
Showtime Codes:
(8:55) Nate's favorite: Dame or DeRozan? (11:33) Unknown Facts About Dame  (14:29) Nate Sets the Record Straight: He's NOT a Laker Hater (20:53) The Most Amazing Thing About Magic's Comeback (22:22) Kid Nate's Reaction to Magic's Diagnosis (22:58) Kid Neil's Reaction to Magic's Diagnosis  (26:46) The New York Knicks Have the Best Production  (33:33) The Premier Spring Break Destination: Lake Havasu, Arizona (39:44) The Three Current Players Who Could Playmake Better Than Magic  (43:26) Weirder NBA Trajectory: Ben Simmons or Markelle Fultz? (46:55) Charles Barkley's Golf Swing (47:49) Crazier NBA Trajectory: Ben Simmons or LeBron James? (52:06) Wild A** Comebacks: Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, George Foreman (58:20) Neil's Best and Worst NBA Player Predictions (01:01:45) What Would've Had to Happen to Get Barkley to the Lakers (01:12:15) Nate Wonders How His Life Would Be Without Magic's Influence (01:16:25) In N Out vs. Shake Shack  (01:17:50) Nate's Excellent Impersonation of Randy Savage 

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