Aquille Carr Short Film: Does The "Crime Stopper" Deserve Another Chance?

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Aquille Carr

I think I know Aquille Carr?

For years I watched the jaw-dropping mixtapes of the young kid nicknamed The Crime Stopper. I read and did double takes while looking at his boxscores. I heard the stories about how easy it was for him to abuse the competition he was facing in high school. And when he arrived at our High School All-American game, he came across as a nice guy with an infectious smile.

I think I know Aquille Carr?

But I also saw the mugshot and heard about the crime he was accused of. I read and heard stories about his attitude that worried teammates and organizations and wondered if there was a Mr. Hyde side behind that smile I knew.

I don't know, but I do know Aquille has had a lot of opportunities. Opportunities that started before he was in the 10th grade when an Italian team reportedly offered him $750k to play pro ball overseas. But for one reason or another -- some wise, some not so wise -- Carr hasn't been able to fully take advantage of these opportunities and his basketball and life journey hasn't gone the way many of us thought it would. Thankfully for Aquille, he knows this, understands and fully accepts the mistakes he's made and how the cards have been dealt and is ready to show that the next hand is going to be different.

After watching this short film about Carr, I can't say I know him any better, but I can say I've always been a believer in his talents and will continue to be a supporter of him -- the man, the player, the father -- as he continues his journey.