Best Of Taylor Rooks' NBA Interviews

Taylor Rooks' bizarre and very entertaining interview with Michael Beasley was one of the best of 2017. Much was made about their conversation about the brain, but in my opinion, that wasn't even one of the five best moments from the hour-long conversation.

Besides the Beasley one, I highly recommend all of the episodes of her Timeout podcast; She had Dwyane Wade talking movie sex scenes, Kevin Durant talking music, Jimmy Butler talking Superheros, Lou Wiliams talking about having two girlfriends at once and players like Dion Waiters, Jaylen Brown, John Wall, Nick  Young and Rasheed Wallace discussing a range of topics, while having fun!

You can click here to access all of the episodes, scroll down to check out some clips and pics of her and her guest or go to her twitter account to wish her a happy birthday.