LeBron fanatic runs onto the court / LeBron triple doubles & rallies from 27 down to beat Cavs

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LeBron James Anderson Varejão

LeBron returning to Cleveland to play the Cavs is just old news to most people now and even Dan Gilbert seems less psychotic nowadays or maybe it's just because it's hard to write long hateful messages when communicating with 140 characters on Twitter.

So most of us expected the red hot Heat to just cruise in and out of Cleveland, especially since the Cavs are without Irving, Waiters and Varejao, and leave with their 24th win in a row.  What we saw was a 27 point lead by the Cavs in the third quarter that required an equally red hot run by the Heat in the 2nd half.  That requirement was met by LeBron, who pulled off a triple double, and teammates as they extended their win streak with a 3 point victory.

The oddest moment in the game came with a few minutes left in the 4th quarter when a fan ran onto the court, wearing a t-shirt that said "We Miss You 2014, Come back."  Before the LeBron fanatic was escorted off the court, LeBron went up and patted him on the head.  That was a lot nicer than the kick in the ass LeBron gave LeBron fanatics a couple of years ago when he made that very wise decision.


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