Kobe & Kyrie get crossed in the Top 10 Crossovers of the 2014 NBA Preseason

LeBron must have asked the NBA to not put Derrick Rose's crossover on Kyrie Irving higher and to make sure Irving's crossover on Brooks is #1...unless #1 involves Kobe Bryant getting dropped.

  1. Kobe gets crossed by Alec Burke
  2. Kyrie Irving looses Brooks
  3. Chalmers on Tony Allen
  4. Westbrook against Dallas
  5. Derrick Rose leaves Kyrie Irving spinning
  6. Isaiah Thomas goes to the rim
  7. Derrick Rose blows past Ty Lawson
  8. CP3 crosses Trey Burke
  9. Arnett Moultrie with the cross and jump shot
  10. Vasquez drops a defender

Here's a few honorable mentions.