Kyrie Irving Ranked #25 (7th Best Point Guard) In SI's Top 100 Players

If you thought NBA2K17 disrespected Kyrie Irving by giving him an 89 rating then I'm sure you will also have an issue with SI's Top 100 Players of 2017 list. The always controversial list had Kyrie Irving at #25, 1 spot ahead of Mike "$30M" Conley and behind point guards

  • Dame Lillard (21)
  • John Wall (17)
  • Kyle Lowry (14)
  • Russell Westbrook (5)
  • Chris Paul (4)
  • Steph Curry (3)

Here's the rationale behind Irving's rank (which is 2 spots lower than it was last season).

Irving (19.6 PPG, 4.7 APG, 3 RPG) nevertheless falls short in a few meaningful ways that keep him from higher placement among his star colleagues. Most obviously, there’s the matter of his defensive impact and attentiveness, which trail far behind the elite players at his position. Past that, there are reasonable questions as to how well his game would transfer to a team that isn’t captained by James: Irving’s shortcomings as an offense-initiator were on full display in Cleveland before James’s 2014 return, and they popped up again at the Rio Olympics, even when he was surrounded by talent on all sides. There’s also the matter of his health and durability: Irving has missed 22% of his team’s games during his five-year career, and he’s most effective when he’s playing at breakneck speed, even if that means courting risk. While James and the Cavaliers have done a masterful job constructing a role for Irving and while he deserves full credit for rising to the occasion during the playoffs, there’s a nagging sense that the three-time All-Star would flounder a bit if asked to lead his own show.

Here's where a few other point guards ranked on the list.

  • Derrick Rose (Not ranked)
  • Brandon Knight (98)
  • Ricky Rubio (71)
  • Goran Dragic (61)
  • Jeff Teague (57)
  • George Hill (56)
  • Isaiah Thomas (45)
  • Kemba Walker (36)
  • Mike Conley (26)