Nick Young ejected for throwing elbow to Steven Adams throat, calls Adams a "sneaky, dirty player"

"I lost my mind a little bit, checked into the crazy house, got back out," said Nick Young about his 4th quarter altercation with Steven Adams.

The two players got tangled up then Young threw an elbow at the throat of Steven Adams which resulted in a flagrant foul 2 and ejection.

"It's not my first rodeo with him," said Young. "Just little hits here and there, when they're coming off screens, he'll stick his knee out and stuff like that. I'm not here to tell on him or anything like that. He's doing his job. He did his job today to get me out of the game. That's what they put him in the game to do."

Said Adams, "I just set a screen. They called it an illegal screen, which I didn't think it was. But you know, he just got heated because it was going back and forth and he just got frustrated; that's all that happened."

This type of stuff seems to happen a lot with Adams who Nick calls a "sneaker, dirty player." Last season, 5 different players (Nate Robinson, Vince Carter, Jordan Hamilton, Larry Sanders and Zach Randolph) were ejected or suspended after altercations with Adams.

"Adams, that how he is," Scott said. "He's going to grab and hold and do things to irritate you, and Nick definitely overreacted. He's too valuable for us to overreact and get kicked out of the game like that."