One-handed Zach Hodskins makes his College debut with the Florida Gators

One of my favorite stories of the year was back in February when we talked about the "one-handed youtube sensation" Zach Hodskins, taking his talents to Gainsville, Fl.

“It’s always been my dream growing up,” Hodskins said. “I never expected it to be like this, but the hard work has paid off. I’m ecstatic I’m going to be a Florida Gator.”

During the Florida Gator's season opener against William & Mary on Friday night, the entire home crowd was ecstatic when Hodskins entered the game for the final two minutes.

"It’s kinda like the first time I did public speaking," Hodskins said to The Independent Florida Alligator. "I was really nervous, then after I did it once I was fine. I think that I’m gonna be fine if I get in again.

Hodskins didn't make his only field goal attempt but every second he's on the court, he's making a lot of people feel great and inspired.

"I’ve always dreamed of being here, and tonight I feel like I fulfilled that dream and now I’m just gonna take the next step forward. … It didn’t really matter (if I played tonight or not), I was hoping I would, I’m glad I did but I’m glad that my teammates played well."



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Source: The Score