Darius Garland VS Tyger Campbell!! Top Point Guards BATTLE at Bass Pro ToC!

ere's Darius Garland taking on Tyger Campbell & La Lumiere in the semi-finals of Bass Pro ToC. Brentwood Academy made a tough run throughout the whole game against the lakers with Darius on the court causing lots of stressful situations for La Lumiere and even when Darius wasn't even on the court, Brentwood still continues to fight hard against a very tough nationally ranked team. But La Lumiere continues to be the dominate team and got the 63-51 victory over Brentwood Academy.

Darius Garland led w/ 37 points for Brentwood.

Isaiah Stewart dominated the inside the paint as he finished with 35 points for the lakers. Charles Smith w/ 13 points, and Tyger Campbell finished with 8 points and 9 assists as he the only thing he was worried about is getting the ball to his teammates getting them involved for the win.

La Lumiere will face Oak Hill Academy in the Championship at Bass Pro ToC.


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