Remembering Dennis Rodman The Bad Boy Scorer!

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Dennis Rodman

Long before his CNN meltdown, his best Marilyn Monroe impersonation for Kim Jong-Un, saying LeBron would be an average player in the 90s and before all the tattoos, dating Carmen Electra, making movies with Van Damme, wearing wedding dresses to book signings and acting like he’s lucky every time he hits a three near the end of a Bull’s blowout game, Rodman was a “Bad Boy”...that didn’t look like a “Bad Boy.”

During this time with the Piston’s Bad Boys, it wasn't that rare to see him score in double figures or get a double-double. And during the first game of 1991, Rodman must have made a new years resolution to become a scorer because he exploded for a ridiculous line of 34 points and 23 rebounds against the Denver Nuggets. Then he came back to reality (sort of) with back to back five-point games. Keep in mind, he was playing with instant offense greats like Adrian Dantley, Isiah Thomas, Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson, Mark Aguire and Joe Dumars, while Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn would occasionally drop 20. Still, the Worm before the Worm found a way to put together these exceptional games with those exceptional teammates.

  • 1.24.88:  30pts, 18rebs, 2blks
  • 2.18.89:  32pts, 21rebs, 3blks, 2stls (8-10 ft)
  • 1.2.90:  34pts, 23rebs (15-21 fg)
  • 11.12.91:  20pts, 13rebs, (2-3 3pt)
  • 12.13.91:  20pts, 25rebs, 3stls, 2blks
  • 1.28.92:  16pts, 32rebs
  • 2.18.92:  18pts, 27rebs, 5ast, (2-3 3pt)
  • 2.27.92:  16pts, 22rebs, 4ast, (2-2 3pt)
  • 3.4.92:  10pts 34 rebs (18 offensive boards)
  • 3.18.92: 16pts, 25rebs
  • 12.9.92:  10pts, 22rebs (3-4 3pt)
  • 3.26.92: 18pts, 25rebs, 4ast, 2blks

Since I'm posting bullets, here's 10 interesting facts about the young Worm.

  • Despite leading the NBA in rebounding 7x (all consecutive) and winning 2 DPOY’s, he made the All-Star team only 2x
  • In his last 2 seasons as a Piston, made 47 of his 82 career three pointers
  • Averaged 11.6 PPG his 2nd year in the league
  • Never averaged 1 SPG or 1 BPG at any point in his career
  • Led the league in FG% in 1989 with 59.5%
  • Dennis’ teams were 123-36(.774) when he grabbed 20+ rebounds
  • Won Player of the Month in January 1992 while averaging 20.7 RPG
  • Averaged less than 10 RPG for his career in the playoffs
  • Outside of 1999, never shot less than 50% at the foul line
  • From 1988-1992, Dennis didn’t miss a single game

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