Ice Cube F'd Around & Got A W Over Triple B CEO LaVar Ball At Staples

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Back in late May, Big 3 founder Ice Cube posted a video of himself knocking down the Big 3's 30-foot Four-Point shot, then challenging BBB CEO LaVar Ball to make one. If Ball knocks down one of these shots, Cube said he would buy 10 pairs of the $500+ Lonzo Ball shoes.

Things were silent for a while, then last week, Ball released a video accepting the challenge and saying he's ready to, "taste dat ass(?!)."

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On Sunday, at Staples center -- home of Cube's favorite childhood team and where LaVar's son will try to bring back memories of Showtime -- Cube fucked around and got a win over the triple-B CEO with two made shots to Ball's one.

Not that we ever believed LaVar could beat MJ but watching him lose to the guy who famously said, "freaking n****s every way like MJ, I can't believe, today was  a good day" really did help make Sunday a great day. It was just one of many great moments during the celebrity-filled event, which included appearances by Dwyane Wade, Chris Brown, Martin Lawrence, the return of Allen Iverson and a concert by Snoop Dogg, who performed Drop It Like It's Hot!"

After losing the shootout to Cube, Ball gave away his $500 "Showtime" Zo2 shoes to Big 3 baller/former NBA player/former rapper Rashad McCants.