LeBron James Jr Took His Talents To The Miami Pro-Am, Dunks and Throws Lob To Hassan Whiteside

The King took his talents back to Miami this past weekend. But I'm not talking about his basketball talents, I'm talking about his talents on the ones and twos. The highlight of his set was probably him dropping the Village People's "YMCA" and telling the crowd to "sing that shit."

During this same weekend, his son, 12-year old LeBron James Jr, did take his basketball talents to Miami and participated in the Miami Pro-Am, where he threw down a dunk (with some help) and did his best impersonation of Kyrie Irving in the future by throwing a lob to Hassan Whiteside.

Below is the footage plus LeBron thanking the Pro-Am for letting Bronny compete against players twice his age. And be on the lookout for our exclusive video of LeBron and John Wall working out together this past Sunday.