Steve Adams' Hilarious High School Lunchroom Fight Story

During Game 4 between the Jazz and soon-to-be-fishing Thunder, Jae Crowder inadvertently hit the NBA's Aquaman in the face with an elbow. Most players and mere mortals would have dropped to the ground, grabbed their face in pain or struck back. Adams blinked his eyes.

Hitting the 7'0" "Brick Wall from New Zealand" in the face with an elbow is the equivalent of hitting a normal person in the face with a Tempur-Soft pillow. Nick Young knows this and so does Vince Carter.

I thought it would be fun to celebrate the strength of Adams by showing clips of a bunch of players getting flattened by his screens, trying to phase him with their elbows and talking about how strong he is. But first, here's teammate Josh Huestis on the Locked On Thunder podcast telling Fred Katz a hilarious story about Adams getting into a lunch room fight in high school.

"He punched the guy in the face and just waited and stared at the guy waiting for him to punch back. He thought in a fight, I punch you, you punch me and we just go punch for punch, back and forth."

As great as that story is, I was really hoping to hear him say Steven and one of his 17 siblings beat up every kid in the lunch room like Chris and Meg did in this Family Guy re-enactment of the famous church shootout from Kingsman.

Anyways, this isn't going to help an opponent win a fight with Adams but he does have a weakness: migraines is his kryptonite.