Chris Paul Challenges Michael Jordan: If MJ Misses 3 Shots The Whole Camp Gets Free Shoes

Remember why Reggie Miller said you should "never talk trash to Black Jesus?" Remember why Kendall Gill said calling out the devil is one thing, facing him is another?" Remember the LaBradford Smith story? I could bring up a hundred stories on why you should never, ever, ever challenge the GOAT - at age 23, 33, 43 or 53 - unless you are making that challenge just so you can be reminded why Michael Jordan was, is and will always be the greatest basketball player of all-time.

At this year's Jordan Flight Camp, Chris Paul challenged Michael Jordan to play a game of around the world without missing 3 shots. If he misses 3, then every kid in the camp gets free shoes. Not only did MJ not miss 3 shots, he said F them kids and didn't miss any - even with Paul's hand in his face.

So the kids got a second shot at some free shoes when Derek Fisher was challenged to make every shot.

So far, so good. Then this happened...

C'mon Fish, you weren't in New York that long. Where was that Lakers vs Spurs Fisher? Maybe he missed because Matt Barnes' kids were standing right behind him (seriously).

Chris Paul also took the challenge of making every shot to win the camp attendees some shoes and....

So, did the kids ever get the free shoes?  You are going to have talk to our friend Coach Spoon, who recorded all of the videos above, for the answer .

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But you know the answer.