Coach Mark Jackson & Brian Scalabrine play basketball against San Quentin inmates

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While RedBull and many of the world's best streetballers were playing ball against each other at Alcatraz Island, Mark Jackson, assistant coach Brian Scalabrine and members of the Golden State Warriors staff took a trip to San Quentin for a pick-up game with the inmates that played for the San Quentin Warriors.

"It's basketball, but, for the most part, this is about impacting lives," Jackson says. "I just want people to know these are regular folks that made a mistake, some greater than others. They deserve to have somebody put an arm around 'em, high-five 'em, and remind 'em that life ain't over. People say stuff like, 'Be careful in there.' I just want folks to understand that these are our brothers, our cousins, our uncles and our dads."

Here's a recap of the game by Monte Poole of Inside Bay Area.

Once the game begins, the competition is fierce. Everybody is dripping sweat. Jackson has his highs, such as a no-look pass that led to an easy basket, after which he broke into an abbreviated version the shimmy-strut often displayed during his career. But the coach is laboring. The inmates, most of whom are in appreciably better shape than the 48-year-old former point guard, do not retreat.

The NBA Warriors have a decided height advantage, however. Whereas none of the inmates appears taller than about 6-foot-3, Myers is 6-8 and Scalabrine is 6-9. They are, on this day, towering over the court.

Between the inside dominance of Myers/Scalabrine and the defensive indifference of the opposition, the NBA Warriors hold slight leads for most of the game. It's 95-94 entering the fourth quarter, but the NBA Warriors pull away for a 136-121 victory before a couple hundred fans ringing the court. Myers, a member of UCLA's 1995 national championship team, finishes with a double-double, exceeding 40 points and 20 rebounds.





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