Former Bull & ESPN Analyst Jay Williams has his ankles broken at Rucker Park

It's too bad most people only know Jay Williams as an ESPN Analyst and not for becoming everything Derrick Rose became in Chicago.  Jay was the Bulls' #2 pick in the 2002 draft after dominating college basketball, winning a NCAA Championship and every individual honor available. But his rookie season with the struggling post Jordan Bulls was a much different experience as he struggled to put up big numbers - mainly due to the exceptional play of guards Jalen Rose and 6th man Jamal Crawford - and played on a losing team for the first time in his life.  He did however show some flashes of brilliance, as in the case of his 26/14/13 triple double against Jason Kidd and the Nets.

Then in the summer after his rookie season, Jay was injured in a motorcycle accident that caused injuries to his leg, pelvis and ligaments including his ACL.  Assuming his career was over in Chicago, the Bulls drafted Kirk Hinrich that summer and waived Jay.  Despite violating the team's contract and driving a motorcycle, the Bulls still compensated Williams with a decent size severance package. Jay attempted a few comebacks - the Nets in 2006 and Miami Heat in 2010 - but wasn't able to stick with either.

Jay did find success on TV and became one of the best college basketball commentators. He's also currently taking his success to the marketing world too.  Earlier this summer, the 31 year old Jay became a managing partner of a sports marketing firm called the Leverage Agency.

Jay also played a little ball this summer at the Gaucho's gym for the EBC Rucker Park finale where he and former DePaul player Cliff Clinkerscales went at it. Check out the video and description of the play from The Basketball Diary.

During the EBC Rucker Park finale at Gaucho's gym it was these two players, Jay Williams and Cliff Clinkscales going back and forth in the openings minutes that hyped up the fans to another level. From there on Kevin Durant just went crazy and so did many other players. Back to this play. Jay Williams former #2 draft pick who is currently an ESPN College Basketball Analyst guarded the former DePaul University's Cliff Clinkscales. Jay dropped a 3. Cliff dropped a layup. Jay threw the back on Cliff's back and hit another 3. Crowd goes nuts. Cliff comes back and breaks Jay's ankle, no pun intended, crowd goes bonkers. Cliff takes the jumper as Jay is on the floor and hits iron. Would have been a neat shot if it went it. Never the less this was a great ankle breaker. Without them opening up the game it would have an entirely different feel.

Here's some KD highlights from the game followed by some vintage Jay Williams.


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