Michael Jordan says he could beat LeBron 1-on-1 on ESPN Sportscenter...but not Kobe the thief

Last night, 2kSports dropped a 30 second teaser called "Michael Jordan Uncensored - Trash Talk." It disappointed me. Not because they bleeped out the names in the video but because I thought it was going to be an ItsReal85 video. Anyways, the video was a teaser for a Sportscenter interview shown this morning on ESPN with MJ talking about the differences between then and now, talking trash and destroying OJ Mayo at his camp and the topic that will surely be talked about the most today: beating LeBron (along with Jerry West, Dr J, Melo and Wade) one-on-one!

The only person he wouldn't beat that he would want to play against would be Kobe because Jordan said "he steals all of my moves."

Praising the greatness of the GOAT or the KING and discussing this hypothetical one-on-one in this post is pretty pointless and rather than beating a dead horse, I thought I would have some fun and list a few people that MJ needs to have a rematch with. And After this video becomes popular, I'm sure OJ Mayo would want to be added to the list.

Martin and Charlie Sheen

CEO John Rogers


The Monstars

Full force & Kid N' Play on the dance floor







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