"IT'S HOW YOU RESPOND TO IT" Top PG's Mario Mckinney vs Courtney Ramey in Front Of Sold Out Crowd!

Here's Junior Mario Mckinney (Vashon) & Senior Courtney Ramey (Webster Groves) going at it in a rematch game in front of sold out crowd. Last year, Vashon lost to Webster Groves by 1 point at Vashon home gym, so going into this rematch after a year of waiting, Webster Groves home gym wasn't able to fit the amount of attendance that is expected to come so the location was set to a neutral spot which set at 2,000+ people spectating that made it into a hot environment gym. Going into this heated match-up, both teams knew that it was personal from close friends playing against each other to who's the real deal in St. Louis. First half going by, both teams were exchanging back to back baskets and some personal words between some players which got the crowd into the game even more from students, to adults. Things got pretty hectic going into the final seconds of the first half as Ramey stole the ball from Mario and went down for the break with Mckinney chasing Ramey down for the block but jumped too late as Ramey went up for the nasty poster dunk finish that got the whole gym going crazy. With everyone going nuts after the dunk, Webster senior power forward Carte'Are Gordon came off the bench and attempted to chase down Ramey only to crash into McKinney and knock him to the floor. Gordon then proceeded to join Ramey in front of Vashon's bench as several choice words were thrown around which led to an ejection for Gordon going into the second half. Second half started with everyone saying Mario got exposed and it will get to his head and he won't perform well but it's all on how you respond afterwards and McKinney was sensational in the second half. He was active on the defensive end which resulted in two run out dunks including a nasty reverse. He knocked down a clutch 3-pointer and created for his teammates. At the end of the day or night, it's a team game and Mario couldn't have done it without his brothers as Vashon took over the game and get the 75-70 victory.


Mario Mckinney: 19 points, five rebounds, four assists, three steals and a block

Donyae McCaskill: 15 points

Cyrus Alexander: 10 points, six rebounds and two steals

Phil Russell: 11 points

Webster Groves

Courtney Ramey: 32 points, nine rebounds, three assists, two steals and two blocks. 20/24 Free Throws

Rj Wright: 17 points and four rebounds, three on the offensive end

Malachy Simpson: five points, three rebounds


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