40-Year Old Vince Carter Picks Up A Tech For Trying To Upset 23-Year Old

"Chill out old man."

That's probably what 23-year old Kyle "Slow Mo" Anderson was thinking in the 2nd quarter of GM2, when 40-year old Vince Carter took exception to a (didn't look intentional) shove in the back and started jawing in Anderson's face as they ran down the court. Anderson responded with a smile as the refs hit Carter with a tech. Luckily for the Grizzlies, LaMarcus Aldridge missed the freebie and didn't push the Spurs lead to 22.

After the 96-82 loss, Carter, who had 12 points in 33 minutes, jokingly said he didn't remember what happened on the play. He also said he apologized to his teammates for picking up the tech. Carter's coach, David Fizdale, wasn't as calm as and apologetic after the game.

Anderson is so young, he was just three years old when Carter first dunked on Tim Duncan in college.

And was nine when Carter did this to Anderson's former teammate.