5 Funniest Things About JaVale McGee's Scuffle With Gorgui Dieng

Late in the first quarter of the Warriors win over the Wolves, Gorgui Dieng took exception to a foul by JaVale McGee and pushed him in the back. McGee pushed back and then you know the story: refs and teammates jump in the middle and everybody does a "hold me back" act.

Here's the five funniest things to me about the scuffle.

1: The look of shock on the faces of old white women in the crowd.


2: A cool and calm Matt Barnes grabbing Dieng and playing peacemaker. If this was Sacramento Matt Barnes, I would have expected Dieng to get the Derek Fisher combo.

3: How quickly the Wolves coaching staff jumped up to make sure their players didn't run on the court. Well, all but the third member of the staff who stayed seated to watch the action.


4: The ref holding JaVale back. JaVale even tweeted about the ref, praising him for his "boxout game."


5: JaVale's facial expression when he heard the refs were calling his foul a flagrant.


JaVale finished the game with 6 points on 3 for 3 shooting in just 8 minutes. He had 10 points on 4 for 6 shooting with 6 boards and 3 blocks in his last game and 13 points on 6 for 10 shooting with 4 boards and 5 blocks in the game before that. The most impressive thing about these performances is he was averaging just 9 minutes. So, yeah it's a little unfair the former Shaqtin' A Fool MVP now has a hall pass from Shaqtin' a Fool but he does deserve some credit for being a valuable contributor on the Warriors this season.

Dieng might not agree.