6'7" Rising 8th Grader Emoni Bates Makes Case for No. 1 Ranking! D-Rich TV Camp MVP Highlights!

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Emoni Bates

Check out highlights from 6'7" rising 8th grader, Emoni Bates, a guard/wing from Michigan at the 2017 D-Rich TV Camp. Bates has grown to at least 6'7" since the last time I saw him a year ago at MSHTV Camp when he was about 6'4". With that being said, I'm pretty sure he was the tallest player in attendance. Bates showed off every tool that you'd like to see in a potential no. 1 player in the class. He showed the ability to drive the ball, shoot it well from distance, and use his long frame on defense. Look for Bates to make some noise this upcoming season as he finishes off his middle school season strong!