Best NBA Baller Moments On MTV Cribs

Yes, that's high school phenom Shareef O'neal laying in a bed, playing with a plush basketball in a room with Lakers wallpaper. And yes, Shaq has the biggest bed -- 10ft. long and 30ft wide -- ever seen on the awesome TV show MTV Cribs. Unfortunately, the full one-hour special on Shaq's 70,000 square foot home (which he reportedly sold in 2014 for $10) isn't available on YouTube but most of the other episodes featuring NBA players -- like Carmelo Anthony, Baron Davis, Steve Francis and Zach Randolph -- are.  So here they are, along with a few of my favorite NBA baller moments on my second favorite MTV show (Yo! MTV raps is #1) ever.

  • Carmelo Anthony showing off a painting of him with Jesus standing in a puddle of blood.
  • Carmelo Anthony showing off his sneaker room in his 2nd appearance on Cribs
  • The image of Zach Randolph & his pregnant wife standing in front of his 74 El Dorodo with three pitbulls
  • Baron Davis saying he's going to fight ghosts in his haunted house
  • Rasheed Wallace having a sports ticker next to his arcade, full of white people I'm not sure he knows
  • Jason Kidd's ex wife saying she found Kidd's Rookie Of The Year award laying in a box in the garage
  • Multiple references to the movie Scarface, which was probably mentioned in every episode of the show