Best Of LeBron James Coaching His Son’s AAU Team In Vegas

LaVar Ball’s coaching and sideline antics at his son’s AAU games in Vegas this past week might have dominated the headlines but LeBron James supporting and coaching his son’s AAU games in Vegas this past week has been just as entertaining and less offensive. The video above contains a couple of amusing moments, including a cool and calm (not coaching) James telling his team to “Get in their ass like a bike with no seat” after saying the other team “Don’t care about sportsmanship.” Followers of LeBron’s Instagram account might remember the “get in their ass” comment from his video of him beating a friend’s ass in Street Fighter.

The other amusing sound byte from the video is when he calmly says, “Shut up N****” to a voice in the background.

By far, my favorite coach LeBron moment came when gave the following motivational speech to Bronny and his teammates.

 “Obviously I come around and watch from afar but y’all gotta understand that we come to a tournament, when y’all come to a tournament – everybody want to see y’all lose. Y’all don’t see that? Every time we do something good, it’s just us clapping for each other. Any time another team that we go against, the whole goddamn crowd is going crazy. They want to see us lose. They want too see us lose. So we got to approach it like every time we go out to play, we gotta play for one another and nobody else. So we can’t have careless turnovers, can’t be out there lollygagging. I don’t care, like I told you, I don’t care if they can dunk, I don’t care if they fucking jump over the rim. Y’all in the game the whole game and y’all just let it slip away. They didn’t take the game; it wasn’t them. It was y’all. We gotta know every game we go out here they want to see us lose. Alright?”

A runner-up favorite moment was when he questioned the age of a 12U player on the opposing team after the player showed out against his team. Some people had an issue with LeBron and the team doing this. I see it as LeBron really giving a damn about the success of his team; It’s not like he asked the event organizers to remove the player or his team will leave.

And here’s a few more videos of the best player in the league coaching his son and Blue Chips team in Vegas. Make sure you check out the 7:50 mark of the first video to watch LeBron pick up one of his players after a 4-point play as if the kid weighed 10 pounds.