Blake Griffin dunks on Gobert, fights with Booker & mops the floor with Hawes

Blake had an eventful evening with the Jazz last night. We expected the crazy dunks like the one he threw down that Rudy Gobert wanted no part of but he also had time to assist the ball boys and mop the floor with teammate Spencer Hawes and get into a little tussle with Utah’s Trevor Booker.

About that tussle, Booker did give Blake a hard foul but I think Blake overreacted a little. With that said, no player in the league probably gets hit hard and punked as much Griffin so I don’t blame him for reacting the way he did. I also couldn’t help but think about the hilarious “are we going to kiss” fight between Jonah Hill and that girl in 22 Jump Street when Blake put his hand behind Booker’s head.

But no matter how many tussles and fights Blake gets into, you can’t help but say he’s a nice guy. Even after the tussle he gave a couple of kids a high five and in the 2nd quarter he even helped the ball boys mop the floor.

Do you think this guy would help a ball boy?

Don’t overreact LeBron fanatics. It’s just a joke!