Carmelo Anthony scores 30, game winner vs Wall & the Wizards

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John Wall Carmelo Anthony

Will Melo fit in the triangle offense? Does Melo need to score more than 25 a game for the Knicks to win? Those were some of the biggest questions being discussed over the past couple of days about Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks. We don’t know and wont’ know the answer for a while but we do know if you give the ball to Melo and ask him to score, he will score.

Melo scored 30 including a tie-breaker with 13.9 seconds left in last night’s win over John Wall (29pts) and the Wizards. He also got an and-1 on that jumper but I’m not sure he was actually fouled.  The Knicks’ bench also erupted after the foul call and I’m not sure if the Knicks’ bench knows this is just preseason.

Oh well, a happy Knicks team at anytime of the year is a happy sight for many.