D'Angelo Russell Got A Tech For Celebrating Kobe's Dunk, Asked Kobe to Pay His Fine

The dunk heard around the world on Thursday night was 37 year old Kobe Bryant throwing down on 21 year old Houston Rocket Clint Capela.  The reaction by all the witnesses in the arena was priceless.  The crowd went nuts. His kids were shocked. Nick Young looked like his infamous ??? meme. Former teammate and current teammate of Clint, Dwight Howard, laughed as he had flashback of the time Kobe welcomed him into the league by posterizing him.  But the best reaction came from D'Angelo Russell who got so excited he left the bench and ran on the sideline.  The overzelaous celebration earned the rookie a tech.

"I like took off and ran across the baseline, tried to get back before the ref saw me and, uh, I caught Denzel's attention and the ref caught me and I don't know what we did," Russell said.

Kobe Bryant joked that it was "the best tech that D'Angelo will ever get."

When Russell was told about the upcoming fine he said, "How much is that? How much am I going to be fined?"

Then he ran to Kobe and asked him to take over it.

"Hey man, you've got to pay my tech on that one."

In true GOAT fashion, Kobe rejected the request.

"Meh, you ran the baseline on your own free will."

Russell then said he's going to be a little more calm the next time Kobe does something great.

"I told him that the next time he does something exciting, I'm just going to do this," Russell said, holding up two fingers. "You got two years left in you if you do something like that."

Source: ESPN (Baxter Holmes)