Depressing PSA by Duke Fans #SaveJahlil

As soon as I hear Sarah McLachlan's voice or see the face of a sad puppy with her music in the background, I have to fight back tears. Then after about 10 seconds of depressing images and thoughts, I'll reach for the remote and change the channel to the funniest thing I can find.

I'm assuming die-hard fans of the 76ers have similar feelings when they think about their franchise trading away Charles Barkley, Moses Malone or the draft rights to Brad Daugherty. Maybe at the arrival of Andrew Bynum. Maybe just the thought of Joel Embiid. And this season, when they think about the 0-14 record.

Another group of people who cry when they look at this years 76ers are Duke fans that hate seeing Jahlil Okafor put up great numbers for a team that was lucky to draft him. Those Dukies are so bothered by what they are seeing in Philly, they (@DukeNBA) even created a PSA called #SaveJahlil...and of course they used Sarah McLachlan's music.


Here's an amusing throwback video with Dwight Howard and Sarah's sad-ass music about "saving the center."  If this video was made today, Jahlil would be a better candidate than Dwight to be the spokesman.


If you are loyal 76ers fan - that didn't enjoy the PSA - then you might enjoy the following interview with Okafor as well as these stats.

After 10 games, Okafor was the first rookie since Shaq in 92 to have at least 192 points, 73 rebounds, 14 assists & 18 blocks. After 8 games, he was the first rookie since Grant Hill in 94 to average 20+ points and shoot 50+ fg%.