Devin Booker Hits Multiple Half-Court Shots On His Way To 44 In A League Game

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LeBron James Eric Bledsoe Devin Booker

C’mon Eric Bledsoe, play some defense and stop letting Devin Booker shoot those half-court shots or LeBron might nix that Cleveland trade! I’m obviously joking about the trade rumors and have no idea if the underrated Mini-LeBron will be playing with LeBron next season or with the young gun Suns. What I do know is  the answer to the question (got game?) that’s on his and Devin Booker’s jersey in this Phoenix league game: Hell yes!

Booker scored an easy 44 (26 less than his ridiculous career-high set last season) with multiple deeeeep threes in the mini-gym. I don’t know how many points Bledsoe ended up with but he also had his share of deeeep bombs, as well as NBA impersonator and NBA Celeb Game MVP Brandon Armstrong.