Durant vs. Rookie Oladipo | Goodman Roundball Classic

John Wall knows where the best action is.  On Saturday night he was at #StadiumSaturdays showing off his best waterfall technique and the next day he was in attendance to watch Kevin Durant return to the Goodman League to take on his Watts Inter-City Basketball League teammate Michael Beasley and #2 pick of the 2013 NBA Draft Victor Oladipo for the Goodman Roundball Classic.  

Oladipo had some nice plays against the #2 pick of the 2007 NBA Draft but Durant was typical Summer is Serious Durant and came out on top and with the best highlights.  

Josh Selby continued his impressive summer play playing alongside KD.  

Ballislife | John Wall at Goodman League

Ballislife | Michael Beasley & Victor Oladipo at Goodman

Source: Beyond the Buzzer (pics) & Pro Basketball Talk (video)


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