Flashback: 2000 Olympic team vs USA Select Game (Vince, Jrich, Ray Allen dunkfest)

Everybody remembers Vinsanity spreading throughout Australia in the 2000 Olympics, but the summer excitement for Vince Carter and the Olympic squad started in the US when they played in an exhibition game against a USA Select team featuring future NBA players Shane Battier, Troy Murphy, Jamaal Tinsley and the high-flying Jason Richardson.

Thanks to mainly Vince, who scored 24 points and made 10 of 10 shots — which included multiple spectacular windmills — it was one of the most highlight filled games I’ve ever seen. But the highlights weren’t all about Vince and his teammates, future dunk champ Jason Richardson scored 20 points and had his share of Sportscenter worthy dunks. Jay Williams was also giving Gary Payton and Jason Kidd headaches until he ended up on a poster courtesy of Ray Allen.

As competitive as the Select Team was in the first half, the game turned out to be a 37-point win by the USA Olympic team.


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