Flashback: Shannon Brown with one of the best missed dunks ever | vs LeBron in HS dunk contest

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Shannon Brown LeBron James

Do you remember the 2009 LetShannonDunk campaign?

The website and social media movement to get one of the league's best and most underrated high flyers (that should have won against LeBron James in the McDonalds high school dunk contest) an invite from the league to compete in the usually disappointing dunk contest.

It was hops like this 2010 dunk attempt that made people like me support the campaign but unfortunately, like this dunk attempt, the campaign was a bust as Shannon did get a shot at the dunk contest but blew it.

Shannon is now displaying his hops in Phoenix where they are having some roster issues but hopefully, he starts to get some more minutes.  LetShannonStart anybody?

BONUS CLIPS: LeBron and Brown face off in the McDonalds HS dunk Contest & Brown misses a wide open monster dunk



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