LOL: Dwight Howard corrects girl that thought she took a pic with him


Poor Alexis.  Yesterday we retweeted a hilarious picture of her Instagram picture with "Dwight Howard" and the next thing you know she's getting thousands of LOL, FAIL & put down replies because the man she thought was so nice and "humble" wasn't Dwight Howard.

As other media sites picked up on the story, hundreds of people tried correcting her but she seemed pretty sure the tall guy she so proudly bragged about was the Houston Rocket center.

It actually took a reply from Dwight to convince her that it wasn't him in the pic.

Thanks to Warriors World for showing us the pic.  Thankfully this pic isn't a photoshop job like the Derrick Rose/Denzel pic. A bunch of sites, believing it was real, also picked up on that story after we posted it but quickly deleted their story when the creator of the pic, comedian Donovan Strain, started laughing and going off on them on Twitter.  We left our story up, admitted we got punked, gave a shout out to Strain and in return Strain gave us a shout out tweet.

Anyways, here's the real Dwight interacting with fans and doing his best (which isn't that good) impersonations of Shaq and Barkley.



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