Glen Davis Rips Austin Rivers As The “Big Baby Vs Coach’s Kid” Beef Continues

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One of the only headline or tired topic that probably makes me roll my eyes more than “LeBron’s greatness vs Jordan’s greatness” ones are “Austin Rivers is only in the league because of his Dad” ones. Austin, who was once considered by many as the best prep player in the nation, was a guest on FS1’s Undisputed on Wednesday to once again go over this topic…

At the end of the day, my dad is on the sideline,” Rivers said. “I don’t care if my grandma coaches me, at the end of the day she can’t help me while I’m on the floor.”

“Everything I’ve done, I’ve done by myself with the help of my teammates and myself. That has nothing to do with who’s coaching me.”

And respond to Big Baby Davis’ recent comments about Austin getting preferential treatment by his Dad.

“That’s a bunch of B.S. That’s just Baby talking outside of his nest,” said Rivers. “I’ve heard Baby said to me multiple times ‘Man, you know why Doc is so good, Doc is so great and then now he’s saying bad things about him, and it’s a huge contradiction. And I don’t have a problem with Baby. Me and Baby have always been cool. But it makes no sense to what he’s doing, and whatever he has between him and his pops. My pops said the jokes about his weight and stuff. It was hard. Let me ask you something: If someone is constantly out of shape, late, don’t remember plays, how the hell are you supposed to play him?

“I’ve earned every stripe that I’ve gotten. I’ve earned every playing time. That’s just him talking out the side of his neck. I don’t even understand where that comes from. So I’m not paying that any mind.”

As expected, Big Baby heard what Rivers had to say and responded with some not-so-nice things to say about Rivers.

“I’m in Hawaii, minding my own business, and I look on Undisputed and see old punk ass Austin Rivers talking shit. Come on, man. Yeah, I might have been overweight…a little bit. Probably late for one or two practices. Come on man. Don’t know the plays? Come on, bro, You’re lying now, bro. Now you’re fucking lying. Come on now, man. Now that’s a fucking lie. Second of all, your father gave you your money. Don’t say shit to me. Your father gave you your money. You ain’t work for it, motherfucker. I seen you at practice. You didn’t give a fuck, thinking you all that with those tight-ass pants. Your father gave you all that money so you could buy those tight-ass pants. But keep your fucking mouth closed, man. Shut up, man. You’re a fucking bum, who’s been given the world. Shut up and stay under your father.”

To be continued….

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