Grantland Bracket: The Most Hated College Basketball Player of the Last 30 Years


The good folks at Grantland came up with this awesome bracket to find out who the most hated college basketball player is of all-time.  I have a good feeling the winner will be a Duke alumni and wouldn't be surprised if it's Christian Laettner.  I actually had a chance to see Laettner play basketball in the NBA Legends game during all-star weekend and not to pick on him but the guy looked horrible.  Not his game (which I thought was always a little underrated) but his physical appearance.  He looked 10 years older than he should if he was an ex alcoholic.

Back to the bracket, my picks are.

  • Laettner
  • Wojo
  • Ferry (We love Austin Rivers)
  • JJ
  • Ainge
  • Nervous Pervis
  • Graham (DC is a fav of mine)
  • Reggie
  • Cheaney
  • Montross (my winner)
  • Burley
  • Neither.  LJ & AI are two of my favorite players but if I had to pick one my answer would be the answer
  • Psycho T
  • Devendorf
  • Craft

Take a look at the bracket and vote on the Grantland page.


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