Highest Jumper In The World? 5"10 Sir Isaac Puts Down SICK DUNKS

Players in this post:
Steve Francis

Issac White aka Sir Issac is one of the youngest professional Slam Dunkers at 21 years old. He is from Houston TX and came to Missouri to film for a week, at his best he can get his neck at a 10 foot rim. The last clip is Issac grabbing a shirt off of a 12"8 beam. He only stands 5"10 and soon will be tested by the Guiness Book of World Records for highest leap.

Our interview with Sir Issac is coming next week.  Issac will talk about everything from placing 2nd place three straight years in the Sprite Showdown contest,  his short stint with Team Flight Brothers,  impressing Steve Francis & Bun B and why he's going to make a lot of noise in 2012.


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