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In episode No. 38 of our  "In The Paint Show,"  co-hosts Devin Ugland and Ronnie Flores go hard on the evolution of the mixtape with special guests Matt Rodriguez, Ballislife co-founder, and DeMar DeRozan, the four-time NBA All-Star from Compton (Calif.) High School who was the first player he personally followed and made a season-long mix for. DeRozan's first mixtape came at the end of his junior season in 2006-07 and was the basis for the Ballislife's first widely distributed mixtape, Ballislife: The Project, Volume 1.

Rodriguez recalls how he initially made a mixtape of Derrick Rose and it spawned his interest in filming prominent players in Southern California, with DeRozan being the focal point of his early attention because of his high-flying antics. DeRozan recalls his initial reaction to someone filming at his high school (hint: he didn't know what to think!) and his reaction to seeing himself for the first time on a mixtape.

Rodriguez also breaks down how his enthusiasm for filming high school players turned into a full-time business and where he sees the entire industry going. DeRozan also sheds light on the growth of the industry and offers some advice for young players who might find themselves on a mixtape.

Rodriguez, DeRozan and Ugland all mention how the And1 Mixtape, Vol. 1, inspired them in various ways and Flores breaks down the "The Skip Tape" and its origins. Flores also talks about how high school highlight videos pre-dating And1 inspired him to get involved in high school journalism, scouting and events! This is one of our most fun and unique topics, so make sure to listen in!

To learn more about our hosts, Ronnie Flores and Devin Ugland, and to get more information about what "In The Paint" is all about, check out our intro below!


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