Is This The Nastiest Crossover You’ve Ever Seen On Ballislife? Tony Wroten Shakes Entire Team

The Seattle Pro Am has an impressive list of NBA players who have made appearances and put their skills on display. Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Paul George, Jamal Crawford, Isaiah Thomas, Jeff Green, Lamarcus Aldridge, Tyreke Evans and many more. However, it was Seattle’s own Tony Wroten Jr who has had the best single highlight from all the summers of the Pro Am. It was this insane shamgod crossover combo where he shifted the entire defense opening himself up for the easy layin.

What do you think? Is this the nastiest crossover you’ve seen on Ballislife to date?

There’s also this move by Jamal Miller. which was originally done by Allen Iverson in a Reebok commercial. Although this move is impressive in it’s own right it was also a carry and for that reason alone we would have to go with Tony Wroten’s.

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