Isaiah Briscoe Vs God Shammgod | Trash talking 101 w/ Top point guard & point guard legend

Kyrie Irving's cousin, Isaiah Briscoe, is considered by many as the top point guard in the nation for the class of 2015.  Kobe Bryant's crossover teacher, God Shammgod, is considered by many as the owner of one of the nastiest moves of all-time - "The Shammgod" Crossover (originally titled "El Latigo" and "The Whip" before Shammgod took ownership).  Here's the future and the legend at The Under Armour Elite 24 practice talking trash to each other in a great video by The Basketball Diary.

If having a move done by NBA players named after you wasn't enough to brag about, Spike Lee named the lead character in 'He Got Game' Jesus Shuttlesworth after seeing Shammgod play and I still remember broadcaster Bill Raftery saying "Greatest handle since the Messiah" after Shammgod pulled off a sick move during the 1995 McDonald's All-American Game.

Maybe Briscoe will honor the God by pulling off the move when he plays in the upcoming McDonald's and Ballislife All-American Game.



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