Jamal Crawford Lives For The Moment | Sick Highlights From the Drew League vs Seattle ProAm Game

With about a minute left in the 3rd quarter of the epic Drew League vs Seattle Pro-Am game, Pistons' rookie Stanley Johnson takes a turn at guarding Seattle's Jamal Crawford. Crawford dribbles, dances and hits a 3 over Johnson.  On the following play Johnson tries his luck again and the results are the same as the quarter ends with the crowd screaming and cheering for the man who made this night happen.

The 4th quarter starts and this time Dorrell Wright takes Johnson's spot. Crawford gives Wright that "you know you done messed up now" face and swishes another 3.  Then on the next play Crawford gets 3 the old fashion way with an and-1.  The game becomes a broken record as Crawford gets another and-1 and continues to make the crowd oooh and aaaah - even on missed shots.

I don't know how many points Crawford had in the game but I can tell you over 2,500 people left the game satisfied and a big reason why was because of him.

But an equally big shout out needs to go to one of mine and Jamal's favorite players of all-time: Baron Davis. Davis helped make this epic event a possibility and has been representing the Drew for the past decade and LA basketball since birth.