Jamal Crawford’s crossover & 3 vs the Blazers | Stares at Blazers’ bench

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Jamal Crawford

We are going into the 15th year of watching Jamal Crawford crossover cats and hit 3 pointers (& 4-point plays) in their faces. You would think after 14 years and a summer with Crawford at his pro-am we wouldn’t be that surprised or excited about another crossover and 3 but this move from last night’s game vs the Blazers was as exciting as the first one I saw when he was back in Chicago.

Crawford had 6 3-pointers total to go with his game high 23 points in the Clippers loss. The best of the 6 might not even be the one above, or his 3 and the foul, but a 3 (1 minute mark in the following video) that he was so sure was money that he turned around and looked at the Blazers bench before the shot dropped. That’s confidence. That’s Jamal Crawford.