Jason Williams vs Austin Rivers at the 2014 Orlando Pro-Am

Jason Williams might not be moving as quickly as he was back in his Kings' days when he was leaving Gary Payton in the dust and was 2nd to only Vince Carter in Sportscenter Top 10 appearances but the shot and craftiness is still there.   That was evident from these back to back games featuring White Chocolate and Austin Rivers.

Austin continued to dominate the Orlando Pro-Am with 42 points in the first game but it was the sight of 38 year old Jason Williams dribbling between his legs, making bounce passes and hitting from down that brought me so much joy.  But it's not like I though he fell off because Williams has been entertaining fans around the world for the past couple of years with the NBA Legends tour.  He even pulled out the trademark elbow pass in China last year.

Here's also some more highlights from Home Team Hoops of Austin and Jason from last year's Orlando Pro-Am.



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