Jayson Tatum Shows Off His Handles After Getting Dropped By Darius Miller

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Jayson Tatum Darius Miller

You got to shoot that Darius!

Rule No. 7 in The Professor’s book on handles: If you drop a player, you must shoot the ball or throw an alley-oop. Rule No. 7c: If you drop a rookie of the year candidate, you have to shoot the ball no matter what!

Miller only made 1-of-5 shots on the night and has missed 14 of his last 18 threes, so I can see why he was a little hesitant to pull the trigger….but if you drop a star in the making like Jayson Tatum, you need to shoot the damn ball.

As for Tatum, he was looking for a little payback, got Miller to pick up a foul and then knocked down two free throws as Miller took a seat on the bench. A minute after that, Tatum showed off his Kyrie-like handles to Jrue Holiday. And since Tatum has read The Professor’s book on handles, he took and made his shot after the move.