Joe Ingles Vs Paul George & The Thunder

Paul George is nice but Playoff P is ruthless!

How ruthless? Ask Utah Jazz Royce O'Neale, who played 20 minutes on Sunday and only had one point and a highlight of him getting crossed by P (1:46 mark in this video) to show for it. And definitely ask his teammate, Slow-Mo Joe Ingles, who got called a "bitch ass" after P drilled one of his eight threes on his way to 36 points in GM1.

I'm not saying P doesn't like the Utah Jazz fan favorite but this isn't the first time he and Ingles have exchanged sweet nothings.

Back in December, after a couple seconds of the two bumping each other in the opening seconds of a game, George shoved Ingles out of bounds and gave him a Kobe-worthy death stare. The ref got between the two to make sure a "modern day NBA fight" didn't happen.

This wasn't the only Ingles incident that OKC fans remember.

During the first meeting between the Thunder and Jazz this season, Ingles hit a three in the face of rookie Terrance Ferguson (who played for Ingles' hometown Adelaide 36ers instead of college ball) and let him know about it down the court. I couldn't read his lips but I'm sure he didn't call the future dunk champ a "bitch ass."

Ingles was also hit with a $15,000 fine for hitting Steven Adams in the balls in the same game. After this hit and multiple kicks from Draymond Green in 2016, I hope Adams still has the ability to create little Aquamen.