Kenneth Faried brought out the gangster in Steve Blake | Blake’s Best Fights

Steve Blake — who Kobe Bryant once called one of his “closest teammates and a psycho competitor” — earned a Flagrant 1 and a couple more gangster points when he pushed Kenneth Faried to the ground during last night’s action.

Unlike another Blake on the West Coast, this Blake doesn’t take $#it and/or allow things to slide — just ask John Gilchrist (the former Maryland point guard not the kid who played Mikey in the famous Life cereal commercials).

Not even fans are safe from the gangster that is Steve Blake. He once told a trash-talking fan that his “wife could fuck you up!”

Maybe Blake just suffers from “Little Man Complex” because he obviously has a thing for getting in the face of “big men.” Just ask Dwight Howard….Orlando Superman Dwight Howard not the one that Kobe used to call a kitty cat.

The man even got into a scuffle that included Jason “gang signs” Terry and Matt “I’ll drive across state to whoop your ass” Barnes.

And sometimes (not often), Blake just commits acts of violence in the form of killer crossovers.





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