Kevin Hart Calls Out Ben Simmons For Declining 76ers Workout

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Ben Simmons

We all know Ben Simmons, Nike and every future endorser of Simmons would rather see him wearing a Lakers uniform than a 76ers one, but that's probably not the reason why the probable future #1 pick reportedly has no plans on working out with the 76ers. He's also not working out with the Lakers or any other team. Some are saying that decision makes him look ungrateful and unprofessional, while others are saying it's a smart move. How? It's smart because he can't hurt his stock (more importantly, his brand value) by showing off a questionable jumper or by saying something controversial in an interview.

On Wednesday, 76ers fan Kevin Hart appeared on "The Jump" and discussed the decision and why he believes Simmons should be doing workouts.

"When you're that young, you don't have an attitude or a decision that should be made public," Said Hart.

You shouldn't, but when you are 19 with the type of potential Simmons has, teams are willing to excuse a lot. Especially a team like the 76ers.