Kobe Bryant Slaps Roy Hibbert's Hands Away When Roy Tries To Give Him Dap

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How bad do you think Kobe wants this season to end? I haven't checked the schedule, but I'm assuming there's not too many final farewell games on the calendar and those games are the only reason why Kobe is still playing.

On Thursday night, 2 days after former teammate Samaki Walker talked about the time Kobe sucker punched him and a day after he made rookie Larry Nance get off the bench so he could take a seat, a very annoyed Kobe slapped Roy Hibbert's hands away when the "big man" tried to give him some dap. Some believe Kobe was just late on a high-five but considering the Lakers were losing 32-15 and Kobe is Kobe and Roy is Roy, I'm not buying the late high-five. .

Kobe finished the game with just 10 points (4 of 13 shooting) and Hibbert had 6 as the Bulls ran away with a 114-91 victory.


Bryant was happy to see  his former championship big man Pau Gasol. The two exchanged a big hug before the game and had some nice words about each other afterwards.

"It was his intelligence and his ability to communicate clearly," Bryant said. "His ability to have extreme poise, his ability to put his arm around the guys, laugh at them, beat them up verbally, encourage them and bring them along. It's all those attributes. On top of that, he's just a great player."